Rebecca's letter for April

Unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. John 12:24

This Lent we have been doing a course called Faith Pictures. It has been great fun, as we have each been encouraged to share stories about our lives through photographs, objects and even using coloured jelly beans! The point of the course has been (as well as to join together in fellowship and commitment to each other) to discover more about what our faith means to us and how we can share our faith with others in an attractive and compelling way. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right words when someone asks us why we go to church, or what our faith means to us. We have been encouraged to describe our faith in terms of pictures. We watched quite a moving film of people sharing their pictures of faith and were encouraged to think about what our faith picture might be.

I discovered that my faith picture is a tree! It has its roots firmly embedded in the soil. It is nourished by the soil, the air and the sunlight. A good tree grows and flourishes and bears good fruit. It is important to me to be rooted in my faith in God. Sometimes, we are swayed about by the wind and rain, and our faith can be threatened symbolised by drought and floods (for example) but if our lives are rooted in God then they can remain firm in faith. We receive the nutrients for our faith through prayer and worship, through Scripture and sharing in fellowship and in Holy Communion, and through acts of service. And finally, we bear fruit by growing to be more Christ-like and by living productive lives which make a difference in the world. All these things are important for me in my faith and are reasons (among others) why I offered to serve God as a priest in his church.

I wonder what Jesus’ faith picture might be? In the verse above I think we are given a good idea, to ponder on at this Easter-time. Jesus came and lived a good life. He had to give up his life for the world so that we may live. He died and rose again so that we may live through our faith in him and so that we may receive the Holy Spirit of God and be inspired to serve him with our lives in the world. This is what gives us life, fullness of life as described in John 10:10: I have come that you may have life, life in all its fullness (said Jesus).

I hope that this Easter you may know the new life offered to us in Jesus, through the giving up of his life on the cross and rising to new life on Easter Day. May we share in his risen life as we continue on our journey together.

With every blessing for a very happy Easter!

Rebecca Harris


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