Curate Placement Details

As part of our curacy training, the Diocese of Bath and Wells, encourages us to gain experience in contexts other than our training parishes. Therefore I will be spending two weeks with the Chaplaincy Team at Musgrove Park Hospital from 30th January 2018. This will be a chance to spend time with chaplains and gain focused experience in ministry to those who are unwell and to their families.

From Ash Wednesday (14th February), I will be placed with St Andrew’s, Taunton and will have the chance to journey through Lent and Easter with a town centre, urban parish church. This will also allow me to keep this season with a church whose tradition is different from ours here in Creech St Michael, Ruishton and Thornfalcon.

During this time please could you direct any parish related queries to Rebecca, and I’ll catch up on things when I return to our parish work after my Easter break. But please don’t feel that you can’t talk to me if you see me around! I would particularly value your prayers for this time; that it might be a time of growth and new encounter with God away from the Benefice. In turn, I will of course continue to hold you all in prayer, and John and I will still be living in our Ruishton home.

Julia Curtis


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