Making difficult decisions

“Just a thought … by Paul Harper

There was once a man, a management guru, who went all over the country giving lectures and making speeches for which he received much applause and acclaim, but what he didn’t admit to was that his speeches were all written by his long-suffering PA.

On one occasion, in full flow, he turned the page and was taken back to read in large letters:




It is often the case that those who ‘shine’ only do so because others behind the scenes make that possible, no doubt we can think of such people.

The Bible is full of unsung heroes … take Ananias for instance.

After Saul of Tarsus, the arch persecutor of Christians was converted by meeting the Risen Christ on the Damascus Road, he became temporarily blinded.

Ananias was chosen by God to go and restore his sight, knowing of Saul’s reputation he was understandably reluctant to do so ...

There are times when we feel compelled to take a particular course of action, or make a decision, but are reluctant to do so for a variety of reasons. It may be lack of confidence, uncertainty over the outcome of our decision or action, or what the reaction will be.

Yet we know that in spite of our misgivings, that niggling feeling will not go away, we know we must act according to our convictions ... which is what Ananias did, he went to Saul and with two wonderful words “Brother Saul”, not easy to say, gave Saul the assurance of God’s forgiveness and acceptance. In spite of his reluctance Ananias took courage, and his actions, by the Grace of God enabled Saul of Tarsus to become Paul the apostle, the evangelist, who changed the world.

So if you are asked to make a difficult decision or take a particular course of action, even if reluctant to do so, think of Ananias, and remember your contribution could be the one God this Easter needs you to do.

Lo, Jesus meets us

Risen from the tomb.

Lovingly he greets us

Scatters fear and Gloom.


by Paul Harper


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