Dying to Know Café, Saturday 29th April 2017

Jenny and I were quite intrigued when we heard about the Saturday morning talks and discussion about dying, and the preparations that can be made.

In the event it was a most useful and interesting session in which we learned quite a bit. There were talks from experts, time for questions and structured discussions with others in the audience.

Rebecca welcomed us to Creech St Michael Village Hall, where about 35 people had come to listen and to learn. Her short talk was reassuring and set a friendly tone. This was followed by a talk from a young funeral director, which turned out to be refreshingly down-to-earth and informative. Questions were asked and he dealt with them well, including enquiries about why the cost of funerals seems to be rising significantly faster than inflation. We learned how we could save money by paying for your funeral before we die, which in turn helps families.

We had time for a break and a cup of tea or coffee and a selection from a vast range of delicious cakes, which made the whole thing even more enjoyable. Who would have thought we would come to a time when we considered our demise and found it quite enjoyable?

A volunteer from St Margaret's Hospice spoke interestingly about the wide support that is offered, both to those who are unwell and their families. St Margaret's is about so much more than the end of our life. They even run courses to support carers.

We also had a talk by a solicitor who was knowledgeable but quite light-hearted. He talked in general terms about how one needs to be organised and think ahead including discussions with your nearest and dearest about your feelings and wishes. We were reminded how important it is to make a will.

Jenny and I found the structured discussions on our table to be one of the most helpful aspects of the event. It's surprising how our questions were so similar to others we talked to, and how simple it was to find the answers.

Before we came away we collected useful pamphlets and booklets which we will take time to browse. Thank you to the organisers; it was both a useful and enjoyable time. If you have not been to a session like this, we hope it can be repeated so that you can go. You will find it useful.

Tony and Jenny Murray



Hello everyone and a warm welcome from all at Ruishton C of E Primary School. Things have been a bit different for us since last March. The resignation of our Deputy Head caused change to happen … so it did.  We employed a new teacher who, after a staffing shuffle, resides in our year 5/6 class. One of our teachers has stepped up to the Acting Deputy Head role and is performing brilliantly. We also have, just recently had a resignation from our Special Needs Teacher, who is moving to the USA. More change – but we embrace it!  Due to staff changes and a slight change to our curriculum, we have not achieved our usual amount of Community participation, as yet.

Obviously with the growth of the school, now at 184, we have had to rethink our Church Services. We separated our Easter and Harvest Services for KS1 & KS2 so we could fit them into the Church. The year 6 Candlelight Service at Christmas is a tradition that we are continuing as it now forms an instrumental part of our year 6’s lives.

We thank Reverends Rebecca, Julia and the church team for their continued support for our children and staff. We have recently completed our Church Inspection which confirmed that we are a ‘Good’ church school.

Continuing growth in the local area has meant that the school has to expand, class wise not buildings. Part of the school is being remodelled to form a new classroom. Unfortunately it means that our Library will become smaller. Woodlands Pre-School is also undergoing some

expansion which will impact on the school numbers. We do have Governors on the Neighbourhood Plan Committee as the future is looking different and we all need to be a part of it.

Chris Kamin Headteacher


St. Michael’s enjoys a very positive relationship with the staff, parents and pupils of Creech St. Michael Primary School.  Rev. Rebecca Harris and Rev. Julia Curtis regularly lead collective worship at the school and have participated in the development of teacher-led worship at the school.  As part of the Easter, Harvest and Christmas celebrations the school held services in the church with their Christmas play ‘Straw and Order’ filling the church with family and friends over two nights.  Several pupils also participated in special services at the church, particularly memorable were their wonderful poems about Remembrance.  The church is represented on the school’s governing body by two lay members of St. Michael’s, who help to develop and maintain the school’s Christian character.  We are currently looking for another foundation governor, since Rebecca stood down in January.

At the school’s Easter service in church this year, the different classes were invited to think about What Easter Means to Us. This was beautifully and imaginatively done, and quite moving for those of us who were there. Some of the children had written a letter from Peter to Jesus saying how sorry they were about his betrayal of Jesus. Other children had decorated crosses with different materials which related to the story of Holy Week. They are currently on display in our church. Why not come and have a look?

Rebecca Harris