Church Life

Covid Safety in the churches of Creech,  Ruishton & Thornfalcon


Since the government lifted many legal restrictions on Monday 19th July, responsibility for assessing risk and considering the safety of those who may come into our churches has been devolved to us.

Our PCCs have decided that as cases have been high in our local area recently, that we will continue as we have been however there are some changes:

  • Liturgical movement can resume: You are now invited to stand/sit as is customary during the service, such as for the Creed and Gospel reading, as you are able to do so. Please continue to sit in your pews for the distribution of Holy Communion.


  • Please continue to wear face coverings if you are able, however, if this has prevented you or someone you know from joining us for services, please do feel able and indeed welcome to come back to church.


  • At this point, we have chosen not to sing hymns but are encouraged as cases do begin to fall that we will be able to resume singing our praises soon.


  • We aim to carry on socially distancing, however, if you wish to and feel comfortable sitting next to a friend, please feel able to do so.

It is a joy to continue working alongside our community, doing all we can to keep ourselves and others safe. We look forward to reviewing this again in September and continue to pray for those affected in any way by Covid.